Imagine a 2-d animated world with 1972 graphics full of adventure, action, and ravenous bunny’s.

That’s what people call nowadays, Terraria.Terraria nameterraria npc 


This is a short post telling you about the best game ever in my opinion.


There are bosses, thats all I need to say. See the giant eye? well thats the eye of cthulhu, the insane eye.

Terraria lava

eye of cthulhu

Terraria is 2-d, so your limited in exploring, but all that makes up with jungles, floating islands,  hellworld, a duengeon, over 30 different



terraria mushmonsters and glowing mushroom fields.

There’s much more to this game, but im going to keep it a secret.


Terreria can be purchased on steam now.

And dont forget to visit our new blog, Terraria news 

edited by Max and Keenan

Suicidally Jumping Out Of a Plane Until You Pull On Your Ripcord And Activate Your Parachute

Why? Why do people jump out of planes with a giant bag ?
Why do people let them jump?
And most importantly, why does elmer fud from loony toons always want to kill bugs bunny?

On the morning of June fourteenth 2011, three sartech (search and rescue tech) parachuters landed in our field! Which brought up the question, would you jump out of a plane? for me, I dont know. It’s one of those things where the concept seems fun, but when your up there, your freaking out, but afterwords it was really fun. But the real question is, would you want to?

Actually, I have been in a serious danger over a thousand and a half times, its called school!

Comment to say if you were ever in a serious danger or want to jump out of a plane.

Edited by: Keenan and Liam

The Kaleidoscope Challenge™

When you look at the title, you may think, ” What challenge can you do with a kaleidoscope™?”  Well… its not really about kaleidoscopes™. Its just the name of the company. The kaleidoscope challenge™  is actually a video project about diversion in our town. I’ve always been interested in videos and animation, so I entered in it with my friend, Jack. We learned all about editing and other stuff you may need in the future. And with the information we got, we had to make a video (Not shown to protect digital privacy) without any help. our topic was “Koreans”. It was a long and grueling two weeks, but we did it.  I have to say, on viewing night, ours was the best! Maybe, one day this information will get me a job.

Have you ever learned something outside of school? If so, what was it?

Edited by: Jared and Zach

How to Annoy The Life Out of a Guy in a Pink Two-Two Dipping His Head in a Can of Chocolate While Surfing Youtube to Find Videos of Random Homeless People Yelling “THIS IS SPARTA” And E-mailing it to The President.

The title of This post that will finally top the randomness of my friend Noah.

  1. Keep poking them and saying “Poke”Mon
  2. Keep meowing in an elevator
  3. Send emoticon E-mails
  4. Write “dork” on peoples heads
  5. Tap dance on a baseball stadium
  6. Clean your ear with their cell phone antenna.
  7. Beat up Willie Nelson
  8. Throw their shoe in a blender, hit blend and have a shoe smoothie
  9. Challenge them in a snowball fight, in summer
  10. Whenever they try to call you, say “insert 25 cents to continue this call
  11. Put snakes in their bed
  12. Put an almost blank tape recording with someone screaming at the end, Put it under their bed and turn it on

I think that’s all you need to need to know.
Now get out there and annoy the life out of people.

Edited by:Ethan and Daniel

Pysanky: the Ukrainian Easter Egg

Just look at the Photo of that egg. “What is that?” you might say.IMG_0392 (Medium)

That is a Pysanka (Or Pysanky if you want to be fancy and learn the plural version).

Pysankys are Ukrainian Easter eggs that tell story’s with their symbols (don’t ask me how).

These are the symbols on my Pysanka, and what they mean.

Ladders: Prosperity, and Prayer
Curls: Defense and Protection
Fish: Christianity
Oak leaves: Strength
Bird feet:
Guidance to the young
The Saw: Fire, life-giving heat (also known as Wolves’ teeth, symbolizing loyalty and wisdom)
Circles: The Sun
Rakes:The harvestpasanka
Grapes And Vines: Health And Wisdom
Rams: Wealth And Prosperity
Evergreen trees: Eternal youth, Life and Health

I think the best quality of my pysanka is that its unique. If you look at all the classes pysankys. none look like mine.

The Pysanka on the bottom
is not mine. It Is a pros. Image  credit on Pic.

The Pysankys Meaning Is for decoration. What I mean is, there not used in competitions or anything (that I know of).

Edited By: Daniel and Liam

Electoral Elections of Electing and Voting in Huzzahnia and no Where Else

Hello, I’m Matthew From CHEK NEWS, (look it up, Its a real network.)and I’m here to tell you all about the recent huzzahnian election.

The Excited crowd burst as the Chief Electoral Officer Announced the  new members of the new Huzzahnian goodwill council were being announced. But I’m not going to tell you who won until you know what happened before that. It was finally here, voting day. The class was exited that they could finally choose who would dictatorially control us the next two months. There were some bugs, but it cleared out.

There were 6 party’s to choose from:Somebody Advrtizing

Party                        candidate                              Someone trying to influence voters by putting advertisements in the vote booth, shame on him.

Happy                      Jack

 D.A.D.A.                 Darion

Rasta                         Max                                                                            

W.C.H.                      Molly

L.M.A.D                   Megan

Change                  Keenan

I think the elections were free and fair because the injured got to vote, and only 3 people knows the exact amount of votes, and they swore an oath not to tell.

As My brodcast comes to an end, I thunk its time to tell you who won. Drumroll please… And the winners were… JackMax … And Megan

Have you ever been in an election? Tell me about it.

Edited by: Keenan and Zach

My 10 favourite places on vancouver island

Imagine the most beautiful place in the world. That’s Vancouver island for you.

By the way, these are not in order (as in one is  not my favorite).

  1. Mount Washington, our local mountain.
  2. Victoria, the capital of the province.
  3. Goose spit, the local beach.
  4. Kye bay, the other local beach.
  5. Point homes, another local beach.
  6. Miracle beach, local beach #4.
  7. My house, the place where I can relax and play Minecraft.P.S. follow the link, watch the video, and buy it (best game ever!).
  8. My friends houses, A place where I can play video games with my friends.
  9. School, recess and lunch.
  10. And finally, the Play n trade, local video game store.

Its time for the conclusion,

please visit Vancouver island, B.C., Canada, North America, Second Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, Universe, Infinity, Beyond.


Edited by liam and Jared.


Kaboom! YouCreeperr square body fly’s through the air only to crash and burn. Having to re-spawn is such a pain, especially when you don’t know where you were. Who caused this? The Creeper. The monster that blows holes in your walls. The monster that sneaks up behind you. The monster that flashes when you hit it.

Creeper facts

  • Creepers are capable of climbing ladders even though they have no arms.
  • The creeper design is based on a failed attempt to make a pig model, hence the four legs.
  • Notch has described creepers as “being crunchy like dry leaves
  • The Minecraft profile picture on Facebook is that of a Creeper’s face.
  • Like all explosions, if a creeper detonates whilst surrounded/in water, its explosion has no effect on blocks, but will still cause damage to players and other mobs.
  • It is entirely possible to detonate a creeper without taking damage.
  • If the creeper’s countdown starts, and you turn the difficulty mode to peaceful, the creeper won’t explode. Rather, it will just despawn.
  • Creepers were given a new taking damage sound after the Halloween Update.
  • Creepers swell up and skew in size before exploding.
  • Creepers are the only mob that Wolves won’t attack once they are tame.
  • In Beta 1.4, if you look on the ‘A’ in ‘Minecraft’, it shows a Creeper face
  • In Beta 1.5, if a creeper gets struck by lightning, it gets charged up and its explosion is as big as TNT.

Attack Strength Varies by proximity

Maximum damage:
Easy:      Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHalf Heart.png
Normal:   Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png

Hard:      Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHalf Heart.png

Thank you http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Creeper for most of this information. Edited by Jared and Liam

Pendragon part one: The merchant of death

Imagine the best book series in the world and times it by six, that’s pendragon for you.

Bobby Pendragon was living the life of a normal 14 year old guy, until his Uncle Press appeared with a mission: protect all of time and space from a demon named Saint Dane, a cold-blooded villain who wants nothing less than the dismantling of  humanity. The only force standing in Saint Dane’s way is a mysterious group of people called Travelers, and Bobby is surprised to discover that he is one of them.

The amazing truth behind this battle for time and space gradually unravels  for Bobby over the course of the Pendragon books. Along the way, he encounters the kind of nail-biting, hairy adventures that he used to love to watch in the movies, but finds that in his new life, they  could not be more real.

That was a quote from http://djmachalebooks.com/books/pendragon/.

Still not interested? Try reading part one of Bobby’s first journal.

Pendragon book one, the merchant of death cover.

Pendragon book one, the merchant of death cover.

Journal #1: Denduron

I hope you’re reading this, Mark.

Heck, I hope anybody’s reading this because the only thing that’s keeping me from going totally off my nut right now is getting this all down on paper so that someday, when it’s all over, it’ll help prove that I’m not a total whack job. You see, two things happened yesterday that changed my life forever.

The first was that I finally kissed Courtney Chetwynde. Yes, the Courtney Chetwynde of the bites-her-lower-lip-when-she’s-thinking, stares-right-into-your-heart-with-her-deep-gray-eyes, looks-unbelievable-in-her-volleyball-uniform, and always-smells-a-little-like-roses fame. Yeah, I kissed her. It was a long time coming and it finally happened. Woo-hoo!

The second thing was that I was launched through a wormhole called a “flume” and got jacked across the universe to a medieval planet called “Denduron” that’s in the middle of a violent civil war.

But back to Courtney.

This wasn’t your average “nice to see you” peck on the cheek. Oh no. This was a full-on, eyes closed, starting with tight lips but eventually morphing into a mutual open-mouth probe thing that lasted for a good thirty-second lifetime. And we were close, too. Like real close. I was holding her so tight I could feel her heart beating against my chest. Or maybe it was my heart. Or maybe our hearts were bouncing off each other. I have no idea. All I know is that it was pretty cool. I hope I get the chance to do it again, but right now it’s not looking so good.

I guess it’s kind of dumb to be fixating on the glorious Courtney Chetwynde when the real problem is that I’m afraid I’m going to die. Maybe that’s why I can’t get her out of my head. The memory of that kiss is the only thing that feels real to me right now. I’m afraid that if I lose that memory I’m going to lose everything, and if that happens then…well, I don’t know what will happen then because I don’t understand anything that’s been happening to me. Maybe by writing it all down, it’ll start to make some sense.

Let me try to piece together the events that led to my writing this. Up until yesterday I was living large. At least as large as any normal fourteen-year-old guy can live. School came pretty easy; I kicked ass in sports; my parents were way cool; I didn’t hate my little sister, Shannon, usually. I had excellent friends, with you sitting right on top of the list, Mark. I lived in this major house where I had my own private space to play music or whatever and nobody bugged me. My dog, Marley, was the coolest golden retriever there ever was; and I had recently macked with Courtney Chetwynde. (Did I mention that?) How much more goin’ on can you get?

The thing is, I also had an Uncle Press.

You remember him? He was the guy who always showed up at my birthday parties with some special surprise. He wouldn’t just bring a pony, he’d bring a truckload of ponies for a mini rodeo. He’s the guy who turned my house into that laser-maze game. Was that great or what? He’s the one who was throwing the pizzas at my party last year. Remember that guy? Every once in a while he’d show up, out of the blue, and do something amazing like take me flying in a private plane. Yeah, he was a pilot. Another time he gave me this computer that was so advanced, it wasn’t even in stores yet. You know the calculator I have that you input numbers by talking to it? That was from Uncle Press. I gotta tell you, he was the coolio uncle everybody wished they had.

I don’t know what he did for a living, but he always had boatloads of money. I figured he probably had some top-level government job, like doing research for NASA or something and it was all hush-hush. So I didn’t ask too many questions. He wasn’t married, but sometimes he’d show up at the house with some odd character. One time he brought this lady over who never said a word. He said she was his “friend,” but I got the feeling she was more like his “girlfriend.” I think she was African or something because she was real dark-skinned. And beautiful. But it was strange because she’d just stare at me and smile. I wasn’t scared or anything because she had soft eyes. And maybe she didn’t talk because she didn’t know English, but still it was kind of creepy.

I’d have to say that my Uncle Press was the coolest guy I’d ever met. That is, until yesterday.

Once again, thank you  http://djmachalebooks.com/books/pendragon/ for this lovely part of this lovely book.

Edited by Jared and Charlie.

Drop, Cover, Hold on

Smash! The TV falls to the floor. The mirror shatters and all your precious pictures fly out the window never to be seen again.Who caused this? Our natural disaster friend, the earthquake.

Credit to drop cover hold on

This is what you do when an earthquake hits. Drop! Cover! Hold on!

How to protect yourself at home: This game is really good.
Follow the link  to find out what to bolt down and where to put them.
As for me, if I was downstairs I would crawl under the desk.
If I were upstairs then I would crawl under the other desk in my parent’s room.

  • School is a whole different story.Where are you? follow this list to figure out what to do.
  • In your classroom: drop, cover and hold on to your desk.
  • In the computer lab: Under a table away from windows.
  • In the gym: Usually gyms are strong almost empty rooms so it is safe to crouch by the wall with your arms around your neck.
  • Outside:find an open space away from buildings and wires and other hazards
  • Library: Read computer lab but avoid bookshelves.
  • Bathroom: Sit in a locked stall, close the toilet lid and sit on it covering your neck.

Please follow these tips to survive the next earthquake!

Image credit to  drop cover hold on.